Sunday, September 1, 2013

UF Volleyball vs Duke

As soon as the Florida football game ended, I hurried over to catch the UF volleyball match against the Duke Blue Devils in Florida's annual Campus USA Credit Union Invitational.  I was immediately oozing with team spirit as the lights dimmed and the Gator volleyball girls were introduced.
The Gators, ranked #9 in the nation in volleyball, came out of the gates swinging and dominated Duke in the first set by a score of 25-16.  The second set posed more of a challenge for the Gators as Duke began to shake off the jitters.  However, the Gators managed to outlast the Blue Devils and take the second set 25-17.  During the third set, I got a bit adventurous and went walking around the O'Connell Center.  Along the way, I took a picture with the famed female mascot, Alberta, and met basketball stars Patric Young and Will Yeguete. 
When I returned to my seat, I watched the Gators close out Duke with a 25-18 win to clinch the CUCUI Title.  I enjoyed the game and was exposed to the greatness that is Gator Volleyball.  The player who stood out to me the most was senior Chloe Mann.  She was a dominant presence out there on the court and I will definitely be keeping my eye on her as the season unfolds.  The Gators have the coaching and the personnel necessary to make a run for the volleyball team's 8th Final Four appearance.  The Gators hit the road for their next game and will be playing UT-San Antonio at 5:30 pm in San Antonio, Texas, on Thursday, September 5. 
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